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1992 Replica/Kit Makes Dodge RT/10

1992 Replica/Kit Makes Dodge RT/10
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Location: Cupertino, California

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Item Information:

  • Year:
  • Make: Replica/Kit Makes
  • Model: Dodge
  • Trim: RT/10
  • Mileage: 0
  • Exterior Color: Primer
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • VIN: WDBCB25D8GA244075
  • VIN Number: WDBCB25D8GA244075
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  • Deposit amount: 500.0
  • Deposit type: 1


     Viper RT/10 body,  this auction is for a complete 'splash' Dodge Viper body kit,  this will include the hood, front bumper, rear bumper, rear deck lid, door skin, targa bar shell, side skirts, and complete rear shell,  I will also include the 'ankle biter' side pipes.  These are in gray primer / gel coat and will need to be fitted to your chassis of choice prepped and painted. Picture shown is for reference of what the kit looks like on a C-4 corvette.

     There are several types of body kits from the 'homage to',  to the 'splash' where some enterprising people roll the original car in,  and make molds directly off the original.  I purchase this not with the intention of putting it on a Corvette C-4 chassis,  but putting it on a Viper buck for racing,  I had a close call racing  in my GTS and was not about to risk it again but with one of the 10-15K rolling chassis out there,  I figured I could get back on the track in a Viper for under $25K.  I had another on track incident and decided racing was not for me anymore so this has just been sitting waiting to be completed.

     Pictures show what the kit looks like mounted on a C-4 Corvette but I think you could put it on a buck like the one pictured in the last photo for a low cost racer. 

     Questions just ask! This can be picked up in an oversizes van (SPRINTER) shipping would be pretty expensive as it is a complete car body. $500.  NRD by paypal required within 48 hours.

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