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1996 Eagle 32 Passenger Coach

1996 Eagle 32 Passenger Coach
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Location: Marshfield, Wisconsin

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Item Information:

  • Type: Church Bus
  • Model Year: 1996
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Make: Eagle
  • Deposit amount: 500.0
  • Deposit type: 1

Really nice 32 passenger, 35 foot passenger coach. Very comfortable. Lot's of storage in storage bays.  Automatic transmission.
440,000 miles. (low for a coach) It has a toilet in the rear and a galley. The engine AC was pulled. I'm including in the sale a Gas Onan RV generator and two new Dometic roof AC's that can be installed if wanted. The Coach starts and runs really well. Runs down the road really well. It does need some attention to the brakes. I was told by truck service that the drums were glazed over and should be removed and sanded. Needs some TLC but could be a great passenger bus or an easy conversion to a motorhome. We no longer have need for this many passengers. I will consider trade of a passenger van.

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