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1998 T940 Van Hool Passenger Bus

1998 T940 Van Hool Passenger Bus
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Location: Vero Beach, Florida

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Item Information:

  • Type: Charter Bus
  • Model Year: 1998
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Make: Van Hool
  • Capacity: 49 Passengers + Guide Jump Seat
  • Upgrade Wheels: 9" Alcoa Aluminum wheels
  • Deposit amount: 2000.0
  • Deposit type: 1

1998 T940 Van Hool (49-1) passenger bus was refurbished by ABC Companies in 2011 including; seat upholstery, exterior paint, 9" aluminum wheels, LCD flat screen monitors, KVH satellite system, hard-wired WI-FI system, wheel bushings, bearings & brakes, new air dryer and air bags, (invoice of the work performed is available). In 2013 the radiator and transmission were replaced. During the past years several (fogged) side windows have been replaced. The Cummins motor runs strong and does not burn oil. Tire tread depths are - front tires 18/32, drive tires 15/32 average, tag tires 4/32.

Annual DOT inspection is current. The coach is currently insured and has been in use since 2011. It’s current use is; a back-up for emergencies, fleet breakdowns, and over-sold days. It is used an average of 107 days per year mostly for work within 250 miles, though it is capable of being driven longer distances. 

This is an excellent chance to purchase a passenger bus in very decent shape for a nominal price. It is an ideal purchase for churches, schools, operators needing a good reliable back-up for their fleet, or someone wanting to start a small business with minimal investment.

Payment by cash, cashiers check, or PayPal payment. Bus is FOB Vero Beach, Florida

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