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2001 blue bird school bus 54 passenger TC2000

2001 blue bird school bus 54 passenger TC2000
Current Price: $4,056.50 Buy item on eBay
Time Left: 1 days 12 hours 25 min
Bids: 34
Location: Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

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Item Information:

  • Type: School Bus
  • Model Year: 2001
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Make: Blue Bird
  • Deposit amount: 500.0
  • Deposit type: 1

2001 blue bird school bus. has under 100,000 miles, newer top end on engine. including head injectors and injection pump. has air ride rear suspension, and air brakes. runs great! full maintenance records are available. no major dents was maintained by one of the best township run bus garages in NJ. no expense was spared in the care of this bus.

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