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FV432 FV436 Armored Personnel Carrier APC

FV432 FV436 Armored Personnel Carrier  APC
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Location: Evans, Washington

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Edit : there was a request for hour meter and panel fotos - those have been added.

I bought this several years ago and most of it's time has been in storage.  

The price is low because it has starting issues - I believe it has an electrical short which is draining the batteries and thereby shutting off the electric fuel pump. We've gotten it started several times but then after a couple of minutes it draws a lot of current and drains the batteries.

The pack (engine + trans) shows 46 hours on it and looks like it.  The main panel has an hour meter showing 2 hours.  

This was the command version and it had a lot of desks racks etc that I pulled out.  As you can see it's pretty clean and new on the inside.  

The outside fotos were taken in bright sunlight so it's actually a darker color than shown here.

Its about 15 tons and overwidth (8' 6 inches I think).

Zip is 99126 if you're getting shipping quotes.  
I've had it shipped twice so it is not that hard to get on a lowboy- rolls very easily.   

The wikipedia page for the FV432 has specs 

Trade :  Willing to take low hour MEP802a's or 1919a4's  (2 or 3 of each in good condition)  - not interested in any other trades.

Any questions just ask.

If you have PM me and don't get a response within 24 hours - pm me again - Ebay keeps sending me mail failure messages and I can't see if they are going thru or not.

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